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Case management software makes the process of managing issues, incidents and investigations easier, fairer and more transparent. Cases can involve many parties, meetings, reports, correspondence, and tasks. If these are spread across systems (emails, paper, spreadsheets, databases) it can be harder to keep track of what has or has not been done.

Case management software pulls it all together in one secure system – with alerts and reminders built in so deadlines are met and nothing is missed. Capturing data and outcomes in a consistent way makes for easier, more meaningful reporting.

At Workpro we focus on the case management of customer and employee issues with specialised versions for: complaints, HR cases, information requests (FOI, SAR, GDPR etc.) and process non-conformance cases

Yes. Workpro supports GDPR compliance in a number of ways:

  • Built-in file management tool supports record and document retention policies
  • Encryption of data at rest and in transit
  • FOI, EIR, SAR and GDPR case types included as appropriate
  • Alerts to verify personal data are included at key workflow stages.

We take great care to comply with UK and European data protection legislation, both as a business and in the functionality we offer with our Workpro case management product. We only use your data in response to enquiries about our products and services. We will never sell or give your data to another organisation under any circumstances.

Please read our Privacy Page for more information.

Yes – we use UK-based, data centres with ISO27001 certification.

You can choose different configurations, allowing you to tailor the level of security and resilience to meet your business needs. 

Learn more here.

Yes. Workpro can run on standard servers and is easy to support. We can provide support and documentation for your IT colleagues or provider as required –  or we can manage your system for you if you don’t have an IT department.  We can even pre-install Workpro on a server for you.

Yes, Workpro is a configurable case management system. Authorised system administrators can customise items such as lookup lists, categorisations, fields, templates, user permissions and KPIs. Our business analysts can help if you need more complex customisation.

Yes – Workpro is available on the UK Government Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud 12 framework for UK public sector buyers. The following links will take you to our G Cloud 12 offerings:

You will pay a licence fee based on the number of users needing access to the system:

  •  The Workpro Professional User licence (full access to all Workpro features) costs £66 per month
  • Business, FOI & SAR user licences cost only £35 per month
  • Occasional users are free of charge
  • We offer volume discounts and flexible terms. The standard licence agreement is 12 months
  • Hosting costs are minimal. We offer both cloud based and on-premise hosting. 

We would be happy to provide ballpark costs for your particular requirement. Please call for a no-obligation chat. 

Yes – thanks to a robust API, data can feed into Workpro, or data from Workpro can be fed into your other systems. For example, it’s easy to connect your CRM, Payroll, webforms, batch printing and scanning applications.

Administration data can be automatically scheduled for import from other systems and Workpro ensures lookup list data, etc. is in sync with your primary data source, saving time and keying errors!

Yes, existing case data can be imported from other systems into the Workpro system. We provide a recommended format for supplying the data. We also offer full data migration services, from data cleansing to migration of case documents.

The SQL Report Builder comes integrated with the Workpro system. It is a powerful report generation tool which lets users create and manage their own reports at any time without our help. Workpro Business Analysts can also provide a Report Writing Service.

We hold industry standard quality, security and environmental accreditations. The main ones are:

  • ISO 9001 for Quality Assurance
  • ISO 27001 for Information Security
  • ISO 14001 for Environmental Management
  • Cyber Essentials
  • Investor in People (Gold)

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Workpro is browser-based software. We use industry-standard technology including Microsoft SQL Server, ASP.Net and Internet Information Server.

Yes – we can include workflow KPIs for each of your individual business processes. You can then monitor each KPI from various dashboards and case or task views. Or use Workpro’s built-in reporting tool. Authorised users can make changes to KPIs (targets, thresholds and alerts).

We highly recommend purchasing a support and maintenance package with your system.

CAS operates an ITIL compliant support operation comprising of a manned help desk with backup technical resource as required. Support is available through:

  • Online support portal (available 24/7/365)
  • By email or telephone (helpdesk)
  • Remote support via dedicated link.

Workpro is an evolving product and one system upgrade is available to clients per year as part of the Workpro Licence Agreement.

Learn more about our support and maintenance services here

A typical deployment of our standard Workpro product would be approximately 6 weeks. This can be longer if a customer requires customisations of the standard product. Our aim is to make this as smooth as possible for you and our Project Manager will oversee the entire project from start to finish.

Check out what to expect during the setup process

Workpro helps you track performance, learn from feedback, and refine complaints handling processes by addressing 3 cost pillars: People costs, Technology costs, & Redress costs).

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Workpro complaints management software is used by Ombudsman and frontline organisations throughout the UK and worldwide.

Flexible hosting to suit your business

Workpro is available as Software as a Service or as an On-Premise installation. The choice is yours.

Installation options